Had to happen eventually, called the cardiologist and left a rude’ish message about… Never mind the reason, I just can’t deal with medical people any more. So the receptionist actually called back to EXPLAIN. I said the f word and the receptionist said the f word and we both hung up. Being a person with emotions is not allowed in the system here. You are always a fool who is unappreciative, has no actual experience, deserves no respect, never remembers what you are told, asks for care from people already on the edge of breaking themselves. In short, you are undeserving, impolite and now it can be said on your record you are “abusive.”

How did I end up like this? I didn’t want to be sick and the subject of everyone’s impatient judgement. Why when I ask for something I’m undeserving and when I don’t ask for something I’m being a typical, uncooperative, self-centred, passive / aggressive male? Why is that people who should know something about me (it’s on my record) treat me like I just appeared from empty space?

As you would expect, I have a new policy. I will have postcards printed with my name on them and will converse by written word. Or just not at all.

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  • VanessaVaile  On June 6, 2016 at 7:16 PM

    rubber stamp with F-word printed on it in red, Gothic font, x-large?

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    • scottx5  On June 6, 2016 at 9:27 PM

      Good idea Vanessa. Would they read it? The medical system is just too overloaded. The people are snarky and exhausted. If you call with concerns you are (I’ve been called all these):
      A) Selfish for wanting treatment BEFORE someone else who is much sicker than you (having been left to die, I’ve done my part for the much-sicker brigade.
      B) Mistrusting because in spite of repeatedly forgotten (remember the dying thing) people are doing their damnedest to figure out your name so they can wave your file around and claim they were just about to call you.
      C) Abusive because you have learned that this whole thing is run on pure chance and are a non-believer.
      Thoughtless, though you didn’t know you were sick it turns out they were about to tell you so please go home before you contaminate others and wait for a call.

      Last week I had a mole removed from my temple. Had asked repeatedly to have it removed but it didn’t seem impressive enough until blood shot out of it in the office. The doctor packaged the half inch mole to send off to the lab in case it was cancerous and looked a bit shocked when I told her all the other ones had been. Right on my file. My no-time-to-read-file.

      Thing is, if you are still alive, then, well…you survived! Anyway, will mail off a letter requesting my results tomorrow. No more all day drives for a ten minute consultation on why the person who didn’t look at last year’s scan hasn’t looked at this year’s scan.

      • VanessaVaile  On June 9, 2016 at 12:20 AM

        probably not — and if they did, would not react well. vent privately. the surface mail thing will probably save you much grief and aggravation.

        my takeaway: the longer I can stay away from industrial-medical complex, the better

  • thesmallc  On June 26, 2016 at 7:25 PM

    Scott, I hope saying the “F” word made you feel a little better to some extent. How much beating can you take from the people who are supposed to offer you medical care? Especially during vulnerable times. It’s unbelievable the things you’ve experienced with those people. I am sorry their lack of care continues. I hope your tests turn out to be OK so you don’t have to deal with the “abuse” anymore. I hope your wife is doing well, too.

    • scottx5  On June 26, 2016 at 10:45 PM

      Thanks Rebecca, the word wasn’t even directed at the receptionist and she wouldn’t know my record anyway, even my family doctor didn’t know I’d had a mole removed that came back positive for melanoma a few years ago. She found out when I told her the mole she just removed was likely to be cancer too. Turns out it’s skin cancer and localized so now I wait and wait and wait for the dermatologist. Of course my oncologist knows nothing. Anyway she’s busy trying to get me a colonoscopy and can’t believe rural “professionals” would ignore messages from the all powerful Cancer Institute.
      Three things are looking up though. First, my heart surgeon is angry with the system that waits for me to be almost dead before he gets to do his work (actually last time I was dead when he got to me). Nice to be noticed. His final report on my heart is it’s very slowly getting worse and he can’t fix it anymore. Take my pills, come in for a CT once a year and no more chemo.
      Second, I finally got in contact with someone at Patient Concerns who listened to my whole story and told me that honestly, I’d be better off NOT engaging with medical people. This sounds strange but the damage keeps getting worse and I’m just getting more and more traumatized over their not caring. They don’t care and won’t change. There’s an article called Harm to Healing I recently read and there’s no chance anyone will even acknowledge that harm has been done–it isn’t in their culture to admit mistakes. An example of this is when I’ve mentioned my heart at emergency the last few times they will check everything but my heart–this has really happened. Something frightens them about pre-conditions they can’t control? Don’t know, maybe I give off an evil aura? So I see my doctor for small things, stay away from the hospital and do not engage with medical people except when called in, expect and ask for nothing.
      Third thing is Leslie is much better. There’s nothing they can fix so she exercises, stretches and sees a chiropractor. And since her job has ended, we are getting ready to sell the house and move back to Vancouver Island.
      Sometime soon I’m going to write down my adventures in Alberta and just be done with it. Like being on another planet.

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