No doctors please

To late in the day to describe what happened beyond confirmation that stepping away from all but absolutely necessary contact with the medical system was a good decision. As usual, my doctor failed to do anything but the minimum with a letter sent from my oncologist. Letter was received and forwarded on to essentially the wrong place June 17. As I have mentioned, it was me who tracked the letter down after the doc’s receptionist didn’t have a confirmed appointment. And it was me who MADE the appointment for the colonoscopy I was ordered to have no later than mid-June to confirm I’m cancer free. Luckily it will be at the end of September which is quick for here.

Went to the clinic today to confirm my doctor knew of the appointment and she didn’t. While standing there (I wanted to see this) the receptionist called to make the appointment and then took credit for my efforts by announcing the date like she had done it all. Then she called home later to reassure me they are in control of things and ended with she thinks I worry too much.

So, the end of doctors for me. The only service she provides is renewing my prescriptions once every three months, and even there I was supposed to have a review before chemo started last September and another this June after chemo. So since this is the “best doctor in town” it will be no doctor at all.

Since the rule in Alberta is a patient MUST have a family doctor for the rest of the system to communicate with it may be I’m off the grid completely. So be it. This all started with me taking myself into the heart clinic in 2008 and being admitted as a “Walk-In” because my doctor at the time didn’t even know there was a letter on her file saying I urgently needed open heart surgery. And even after three more surgeries I’m still listed as a walk-in to this day. NO doctor has ever helped me, so goodbye doctors.

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  • thesmallc  On September 18, 2015 at 8:35 PM

    Scott, it’s so hard to accept, or even comprehend, that this is actually happening to patients. I am sorry you are in this mess. Your doctors remind me of some the characters from the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” except this is no psychiatric institution. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if it was? Scary.

    • scottx5  On September 18, 2015 at 10:08 PM

      Rebecca, when I first encountered the Cancer Institute it was at their main location and I was impressed with the professionalism and apparent care. Had my first chemo there and it made me really, really sick. When I called for help the nurse at the main clinic suggested since I was moving my chemo to the branch clinic closer to my home I should go there for help. Arrived there too sick to really make any sense, the doctor was very impatient and hadn’t read any of my record, so I walked out. My second chemo was at the branch and still sick I met a second doctor who warned me that I was close to being classified as “abusive” for walking out on an interview with someone there to help me and since he wasn’t interested in hearing my story it seemed wise to shut up.

      So, by the second treatment of 12 I was already in deep shit and I essentially disconnected for almost a year of chemo. I did ask for help a few more times but only got lectures and scoldings. These are people without time to hear what their patients think or feel and perceive questions and comments as personal attacks.

      In some ways after years of it here I’ve become used to the treatment. Have no expectation it will change and fight back just to keep them from crushing me. The hardest part is the people who run the system from the lead institution believe they are the best there is and people like that will never change.

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