End of week 4

Intro – Been following a number of blogs that I’m trying to make sense of. The following was a response to Cath Ellis and her first map of the London Underground blog. On to a bit on Footprints of Emergence  followed by a dip into “Image Studies: Theory and Practice” by Sunil Manghani which led to Rowland Barthes of text and the possibility of books being a continuous, but interruptible, declaration from source to present held within pages for the needs of being in some place or other while not actually being anywhere until the reading begins.

To Cath – Late on this and look forward to the following maps you discover. A map is more than what is there, it implies an intention and connections within a whole. Even a “simple” diagram of London’s underground suggests a potential field of activity and I think we understand the edges to be only conventions of presentation and not boundaries. I’m guessing but the Footprints of Emergence as a map of subjective experience declares a gravitational centre in free space that runs to the edge of sense making for each individual. The edge is there for clarity but not an indicator of width, depth or significance. What exceeds my limits may go unnoticed by others if they are seeing the map without some scale of comparison but wouldn’t that be the same for rhizomatic learners whose history as written in main line and branch by simple practicality need stop when in fact they may run on forever? Past the ability of the rhizomee to recall by simple fact of not being there.

“the text is a process of demonstration, speaks according to certain rules (or against certain rules); the work can be held in the hand, the text is held in language, only exists in the movement of a discourse (or rather, it is Text for the very reason that it knows itself as text); the Text is not the decomposition of the work, it is the work that is the imaginary tail of the Text; or again, the Text is experienced only in an activity of production. It follows that the Text cannot stop (for example on a library shelf); its constitutive movement is that of cutting across (in particular, it can cut across the work, several works).”

As a kid I worked the oil fields of the Southern San Joaquin Valley. Near Delano , the oil company decided to fence off a half mile square of bone dry lease land for a “Duck Club” and the tax break that came to those in the imaginary duck business. So two of us fenced off a square ignoring the ruts made by sheep pastured in the area for decades and ended up back there to install gates. A number of invisible conversations crossed this land. One was the notion of tax relief for oil companies’ accommodation of wildlife that club members would pay to shoot. The needs of sheep and their shepherds on formally open range to pass to distant water sources uncomplicated by the knowledge of water sources to remain unknown lest the place fill up with crazy duck shooting oil tycoons. And the story of easy pointlessness of digging holes in hardpan adobe soil to ultimately protect sheep from being mistaken as ducks.

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