Moving On

Began work on a wiki today note taken on the OCTEL MOOC to pass onto our director of teaching and get a few followers at the college (I hope) until our teacher training program can kick in. There’s some chance we will lose the HD mechanic SME and program builder unless he is given some assistance in teaching which has as yet to be supplied. There seems to be a continual mixup of people and resources that’s become the norm here and if staff doesn’t initiate on their own, nothing will happen.

As for me, there is one priority project to complete involving converting a set of biology courses from html pages to Moodle 2.2. Have been at this for a couple of months and was finally supplied with the directions on how I’m supposed to do it. No indication at the beginning that there were specifications and editorial standards beyond the usual for this type of conversion and it’s nice to finally get them:-)

As for losing my job June 30 I’ve decided to move on and not take a possible contract position here. Working conditions continue to worsen and all we’ve built in in almost 6 years has been erased in the last week. Change only comes when the chemestry is right and this place is not ready or even capable of moving anywhere except backward. Just not in the culture of this place to support people unless it advances certain others and the daily dissapointments are simply not worth enduring any more.

So on we go to somewhere else and in the mean time I’ll try and fill in enough of the wiki to make it worth visiting. Would also like to write down some of the things that show why an institution isn’t ready to change. But not at the moment.

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