Assessment with comments

Self – Assessment Check for Pedagogy First

Downloaded but never submitted my assessment until today and agree I could be getting more out of this class. Below is are my comments on each question.

1. How often are you posting on your blog?
at least once a week

    about every other week

not very often

More posting in my own blog and commenting on others’ blogs is the preferred might have served the requirements of this course though talking in “class” (as in Facebook to fellow learners instead in the formality of the blog) suits me better. Believe this is a reaction to my current status at work as a mere servant to the LMS doing mindless course upgrades. Have blogged about not being a “member” of the greater project of education where I work and it bothers me that though I’m one of only two people in our 8 person office staff designing and building who has actually taken an online course, my input is virtually ignored as without import because I have no printed qualifications. The phoniness of this whole arrangement drives me to think that education is hollow a vessel built on privilege alone and important like a country is important—and why I quit school many years ago to work in construction where your membership starts on the first day of work and not at some point after proving your worthiness. Within this course and among the students here I do find membership and none of the exclusion my job feeds me every day. I wonder if my avoidance of blogging is a clue to some our students’ non-participation? Have we inadvertently withheld some form of recognition or a simple welcome into the education family that causes them to stand back?

2. What sort of content are you including in your posts?
reflection, links, images, items I’ve created

    mostly reflection, with a link now and then

reflection only
some reflection, not always related to the week’s topic
Reflection is important to me but it isn’t outward facing and I need to work on that. Consciousness of being in a learning environment that requires a different way of approaching the world is important. As is blogging when it assumes a sense of contribution to a world bigger than the self—though this is a delicate balance as without the self there’s no base to attach learning to. Try not to drop too many links without first reading them. We are all overloaded and at some point are going to lose the thread of our personal development by drowning in so many compelling ideas.

3. About how long are your posts?

    several paragraphs or several minutes of video or audio

about a paragraph or a minute of video or audio
a few sentences or a brief video or audio
one or two sentences
I’m not a single observation person. Even when I paint or draw the field fractures into many partial thoughts. Was told once I’d make an excellent magazine writer as my attention span was so short. Maybe I should practice with Twitter?
4. To what extent are you keeping up with the readings?
completing the readings each week, taking notes or highlighting
doing the readings each week

    doing the readings late or skipping some

not reading the book

Admit that I’ve been skipping the readings. Up until this Friday the was no need to think of actual teaching as I’m not good at it nor expected to train anyone. Now it turns out we have a need for training in online presentation that can’t be handled our teacher training person. Specifically, the courses that need building are targeted at apprentices and micro-business development both of which I have experience in. Here is where being an outsider will pay off. The instructors have no documented teaching experience but years of working with people so this is more like building a small business from the urge to provide a service and teach skills which I think is at the core of teaching. Both people I’m training are small “b” business types who are strong on providing preceptorship and passing on their skills.

5. To what extent are you viewing the videos and other content in the weekly prompts (sticky posts)?
viewing them all, taking notes as I watch

    viewing most of them

not viewing

Bit slack on the video watching. Have to preview so many in the process of building courses that I tend to sleep through them. There’s a certain literacy needed in extracting learning or meaning from videos or film. Remember my mother making me go to every showing of the film “Mr. Hulot’s Holiday” starring Jacques Tati until I was able to read his every body gesture as a kind of pure language. (Art teachers do that to their hapless children). Now that our video person is back from maternity leave I can get her to help with video appreciation.

6. How much time per week are you spending on this class?

    at least 4-5 hours, often more

about 4 hours
about 3 hours or less
Spend a lot of time though much of it is on side branches emerging from the course work. By pretending to be a teacher I’ve started reading Vigotsky which branches out to Jenny Mackness and emergent learning around to MOOCs and on and on. How much is actually “class work”? Not sure.
7. To what extent are you commenting on the blog posts of your colleagues?

    I comment on 3-5 posts a week

I comment on maybe a post or two a week
not commenting much if at all
Somewhere around 3. Have been busy at Facebook but not so much at others’ blogs. Some blogs seem to be natural attractors and this would be an interesting subject for a lesson. Often my blog is either too self-referential or poorly written to attract comments. Have to practice leaving room for people to feel like there is something they could add to, or fix or argue with. What are the characteristics of a well followed blog? Practice…
8. In what ways have you extended your participation in the online teaching community?

    joining the Facebook group, bookmarking in Diigo, talking to colleagues, participating in synchronous meetups when possible

doing one of the above
not participating much if at all beyond my own posting
Attended a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conference a few weeks back and made some contacts. Interesting subjects with an emphasis on medical practitioner training focused on performance in the field which matches my interest in trades performance and problem solving on-the-spot/diagnosis. Participate in MOOCs and have half a certificate from U of Manitoba in online teaching. (Should finish). At work, there really isn’t a community—introduction to online teaching has been mishandled and the whole process is a smelly stew of politics and prima-donnas. I’m not a patient person and want to be where value is created, not spit on and this attitude limits my local community participation. And, contrary to this I am building a training program for some instructors at new our mid-sized campus location where no one knows I’m unqualified

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