Week 6 unstarted

This has been a week where I couldn’t take any more in. How do you know you are saturated and can’t absorb any more?

  • being subject to distractions
  • the urge to do mundane chores rather than explore the wonders of the universe
  • fall asleep on the couch
  • making lists

In spite of all this I did manage not to get the HTM exercise done yet did collect some things.

Links to storytelling:

Stories are powerful because they transport us into other people’s worlds but, in doing that, they change the way our brains work and potentially change our brain chemistry — and that’s what it means to be a social creature.

“Our emotional life maps our incompleteness: A creature without any needs would never have reasons for fear, or grief, or hope, or anger.”

Two versions of Sierra and Bianca Casady’s (aka CocoRosieperformance / song Werewolf

From – A Companion for learning in everyday lifeRebecca Eynon and Chris p. 321 a list of 5 things a learning companion (“By Companions we mean conversationalists orconfidants —-not robots—“):

1. The learning Companion must enable users to identify, articulate and categorise areas of interest: this is likely to involve a number of repeated stages in which the Companion encourages users to name any past, current or potential topics or areas of knowledge that they might wish to explore further.

2. It must lead users towards adopting an explicit orientation towards learning: the learning Companion will work progressively towards using the word learning in dialogue with the user, increasingly emphasising that the enterprise will have longer term value than simple information seeking; through its questioning and feedback, it should help to build a large picture of the learning to be undertaken, so that users see their activities as more than transitory.

3. It must help the learner to construct a plan of action: as the project grows, the Companion will help the user to identify specific end-goals: a personal record of what has been learnt; some means of communicating what has been learnt to others; or the willingness to join a relevant community of interest, either online or offline. The Companion must therefore be capable of suggesting a limited number of options, and asking questions that will help users themselves to plan a sequence of actions and mini-goals through completing a wiki-type template initiated by the Companion

4. It must keep the learner on track: various approaches must be tried out in order to remind and encourage learners to persist with selected goals and plans. Each session might end with a clearly articulated mini-goal, for instance, with which to begin the subsequent session. The persistent nature of the learning Companion will enable it to draw on the plan of action in order to remind the user of what was agreed, and to ask how that is going, and collect information about any progress achieved, and providing affective support and approval.

5. It must be responsive to the learner’s level of engagement in the task: the Companion will need to ask questions which allow it to recognise when a particular project should be adapted, abandoned or acknowledged as complete. At that time, the Companion might need to refer back to topics previously mentioned but not yet taken up, or ask about new topics for potential interest that have subsequently come to mind, or help the user to connect with wider contexts of learning. If the user is still working with the Companion, then the most likely move would involve starting on a new cycle of learning.

Something about this week suggested I should explore working with robots….



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  • Lisa M Lane  On October 15, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    That sleeping on the couch thing sounds pretty good…

  • Clare  On October 15, 2012 at 11:10 PM

    Love CocoRosie 🙂
    Thanks for your comments on my blog post – lots of food for thought and I will reply….tomorrow 🙂

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