CCK11 notes on chaos

Connections that are suggestive and undeveloped. As these quotes are sourced with some deliberate purpose (they attracted my attention as worthy of keeping)  is  connectivism at work here? Or dose connectivism operate above my level of attention? In a counselling course it was suggested that us students should “notice what we notice” to identify selective behaviours or active biases. This was directed at deeply personal world views but if someone mentions something and I later find myself noticing what they noticed are we having a connectivist moment?

From an ad for an audio version of ‘Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning’ : “The most fundamental form of human stupidity is forgetting what we were trying to do in the first place.” Nietzche

From: ‘Social Sharedness’ as a Unifying Theme for Information Processing in Groups’ full text: 

“The basic ideas stem from the notion that people categorize themselves on many levels, with most levels defined by group membership. When membership in a particular group is made salient, the self becomes defined, in part, by the group. Thus, group norms become more important. Self-categorization theory goes on to argue that members hold a prototype of the typical group member and attempt to behave in accordance with (or more like) this prototype. In addition, group identity allows one to differentiate one’s self and one’s group from other groups, much like any form of categorization both defines what an item is and what it is not. This tends to lead to prototypes that help the differentiation process.”

And also from above: ”

“CRM attempts to teach cockpit and complete airline crews how to use their collective resources to operate efficiently in a crisis situation.” [Like forgetting what you were trying to do].

“The key ideas are team based and assume that if low status members don’t provide their information, it can’t be used. However, even if provided, if it is not listened to by the leaders of the team (pilots, copilots, etc.) then it can’t serve its purpose.”


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